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Angelina Earp

Realtor®, Broker Associate

Angelina Earp has a Bachelor of Business Administration and financial background. She has worked in finance, controlled the inventory of assets and kept the different financial papers up to date in a private banking institution. Her most recent position was as Vice President of Marketing and Sales for a leading company in Dallas. There she was in charge of corporate accounts and focused on new marketing strategies that expanded their corporate clients. Her professional experience is almost two decades.
While her children were growing up a pause was taken from the business. A position to help the community at a school district in Georgia was accepted. She realized that the schools needed bilingual help so she came up with the idea of creating a partnership with the University of Georgia Romance Language Department and Clarke County School District. The University had the bilingual help that the district needed in the schools. The partnership helped not only the students that did not speak English but their parents and also the teachers as well as the university students that volunteered in the bilingual program. Angelina was the founder and director of a bilingual movement with Professors from the University of Georgia.
She lived in Europe as a child and had the opportunity to visit European countries. This lead to experiencing firsthand the unique cultures and traditions of different people around the world. It was always emphasized by her parents to “learn from our differences” every time a new country was visited. Due to traveling, she has a global mentality and enjoys helping people with different backgrounds and cultures. French was her first language spoken and her native language is Spanish.
Negotiation skills are an essential factor at the moment of purchase or selling a property. Angelina Earp has the experience needed to represent you.

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